Aldergrove – Open for Business!

Local Initiative to Support Businesses Affected by Pandemic

The ABA has partnered with (, a platform that allows community members to support the small businesses they love and want to see succeed by purchasing a chit – AKA a coupon or gift certificate. Chits can be redeemed either in person (if the business is currently offering curbside or delivery service), or alternatively, they can be redeemed once government stay-at-home / shelter-in-place requirements have been lifted.

The website was developed by ABA member iContext Internet; the principal of iContext, Rob Wilson, is the recent Past President of the ABA.

For answers to some frequently asked questions on the initiative, see

The ABA requires 3-5 Aldergrove businesses to sign up before our “storefront” can be launched on the website. To sign up, visit

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