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Proposed Layout Change for Langley Good Times Cruise-In 2018

Proposed Location: Fraser Hwy. from 264th St. to 272nd St.

The Langley Good Times Cruise-In car show will take place Saturday September 8, 2018. This year will mark the show’s second year in Aldergrove after a 20 year run in downtown Langley.

Due to the cost and logistics of shutting down Fraser Hwy. east of 272nd St., the Township has asked if the Cruise-In can limit the show to Fraser Hwy. from 264th St. to 272nd St. in 2018.

The Cruise-In board and committee has reviewed the possibility of this change in the event area. Their only concern is that ending the show at 272nd St. may mean that the merchants east of 272nd St. will not have that much spectator foot traffic. However, this proposed change would open up traffic flow on 272nd St., eliminating a lot of the traffic congestion in the neighbourhood.

If you have any questions or concerns about the proposed show layout changes, please contact the Langley Good Times Cruise-In through their website at or call Cruise-In President Wayne Patterson at 604.250.5998.

What to Expect in 2018

The Cruise-In board expects about 1,000 show cars and approximately 80,000 spectators if the weather is good. If it rains or there is a threat of rain, these numbers will obviously change. (In 2018 there were 746 cars that participated in the rain.)

The Cruise-In is looking at having the show cars parked on Fraser Hwy. and down some of the side streets. These streets would be closed to traffic from 5:00 AM to 7:00 PM (the show closes at 4:00 PM, and a few hours are needed to clear the area and clean up the streets).

In cases where your business’ normal customer parking spots are inaccessible due to the show, a designated parking lot will be set aside for merchant parking. For businesses whose parking is still accessible during the show (e.g. behind your business) but within any barricaded areas, parking passes will be made available ahead of the event that will allow your customers’ cars to be guided past the barricades by Cruise-In volunteers.

The Cruise-In will also host a marketplace with vendors selling mostly automotive merchandise, which will be located in the Legion parking lot on Fraser Hwy.

There will be a souvenir booth and stages with entertainment at several points along Fraser Hwy., and a “food truck court” operated by local service clubs selling hot and hamburgers etc.

In-N-Out Burger will also be onsite which draws a massive amount of people. In-N-Out is the only commercial food vendor at the Cruise-In; all of the money made that day goes to Cruise-In-supported charities in Aldergrove / Langley.

Aldergrove restaurants can expect to be extremely busy on this day, and stores that open their doors and get involved (decorate in a car theme, have a table of quick sale items outside your store, have special offers, etc.) do very well.

On Sunday September 9, 2018 the Cruise-In will host a Swap Meet and Car Corral, which is another busy day. This event will be located in the old Extra Foods mall parking lot. No streets will be shut down on Sunday.

Questions, Comments?

The Langley Cruise-In will be working closely with Aldergrove organizations over the next several months to firm up show plans for this year. If you have any questions or comments about the 2018 event, please contact Langley Good Times Cruise-In through their website at or call Cruise-In President Wayne Patterson at 604.250.5998.

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